Alicia Keys Feat. Beyonce – Put It In A Love Song Video News

“Put It In a Love Song” will be scheduled to film next week. Since Beyonce’s shows are currently in Brazil, they will be filming in South America. Not too many details, but the video will be shot “against the backdrop of Rio’s landscape, including a slum, a school, and the Sambadrome where Carnival parades are held. The two divas will be outfitted in Carnival-inspired costumes, including Swarovski headwear.” Hmm… not sure what that would have to do with the vid, but this isn’t thew first time that both of their video treatments didn’t coincide with their songs. Plus word is Swizzy will be the director, so who knows?

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6 Responses to “Alicia Keys Feat. Beyonce – Put It In A Love Song Video News”

  1. unknowntheartist Says:

    Not really lookin’ forward to this song being a single (unless they remix it with a proper bass track), i thought it was a song best suited to Beyonce. I felt like a Keys was trying to keep up the pace on the uptempo track and failing miserably at it. The hook lyricism left a helluva lot to be desired, I expected a lot more maturity from A keys on this album.

  2. Kasey Genous Says:

    lol, Beyonce is so crazy! I love her.

  3. Melinda Strauss Says:

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  4. Alicia Keys Fan Says:

    Alicia Keys is awesome I am a huge fan.

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  6. gebremedhn Says:

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