Throwing In The Towel… Nah Not Really

… I’m sorry to all my regular readers, school is demanding more of my time. I told myself I’d try to make it work or just post here and there, but It’s taking a toll on me. Just know you won’t hear the last of me because I guarantee I’ll be back blogging again, but not anytime soon. Again, sorry to all my readers; you guys are the reason I post this stuff. I really hate that this will be just another abandoned blog because I’m very passionate about music appreciation. Make sure you hit up the site on my blog roll, phenomenal bloggers (and I mean that, regardless of what my banner says, lol). And like I said, you definitely won’t hear the last of jay3091. For now… Peace.

UDATE: I couldn’t walk away. So… I’m back. But just so know, I won’t be posting like I used to.


4 Responses to “Throwing In The Towel… Nah Not Really”

  1. yes_sirr1 Says:

    awww…that sucks….but you’re right, school is more important. Good luck

  2. filth Says:

    awwwwww shitt, where am im going to get the latest update on live performaces and newest CDs. I guess i gotta actually look around now. Thanks a lot for all the time u put in and i guess ill be saying this on behalf of everyone else that lurks this blog.

    Good Luck in school and we hope to see you posting again! Let us know on hypebeast.

    P.S. – its Distill3d from HB

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