Nicki Minaj Wants a Role In ‘Elm Street’ Remake (Video)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Nicki Minaj has an affinity for a certain silver-screen serial killer. On Ludacris’ “My Chick Bad,” Minaj big-ups Mr. Freddy Krueger himself.

“Tuck yourself in, you better hold on to ya teddy,” she raps. “It’s ‘Nightmare on Elm Street,’ and guess who’s playing Freddy?”

Before that, on the unofficial remix of Beyoncé’s “Sweet Dreams,” she name-drops the dream thief again. “Yo, Young Money right here/ Bike here, throw it up, no high chair/ Cold like a white bear/ Freddy Krueger, I’m I’m a rap bi— nightmare.”

“I didn’t even know they were doing it,” Nicki said with her sunny smile. “They should have cast me. Like a freaking crazy lunatic running crazy down in a wig and the Freddy glove with pink fingernails on it? They missed the mark.”


Sorry to tell you Nicki, but the movie will bomb regardless if you’re in it or not.


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