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A Tribe Called Quest Feat. Mos Def – The Love Movement Intro (Unreleased)

January 23, 2010

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Back in ‘98 I was Hip-Hop Music Director at WTJU in Charlottesville, Virginia. The nondescript position made me privy to treats like an advance copy of A Tribe Called Quest’s then last hurrah, The Love Movement. OG promo man Al Lindstrom had been servicing me with music from Jive Records for a minute so after a few pestering phone calls (e-mail? nah.) he sent me the CD advance, making me that ninja amongst my inner circle of Hip-Hop heads.

The proliferation of MP3 blogs has pretty much deaded proper advances for most major label releases. More often than not, the best you get is a watermarked copy with annoying commentary to discourage bootlegging or worse yet, the corny listening session where every ass kiss journo raves about how this is the album of the year.

The point of this inaugural Rare Joints post is that The Love Movement’s advance included the above intro track featuring Mos Def pontificating on the loveliness of ATCQ. The inclusion of the minute and change track probably wouldn’t have made the album’s initially lukewarm reception by fans and critics much better. But to its credit the The Love Movement has aged well in the ATCQ cannon, in no small part due to Jay Dee/J. Dilla’s sonic influence.



Mobb Deep – Tha World (Unreleased) (Audio)

December 16, 2009

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This right here is a 1996 unreleased track Tha World from the Hell On Earth sessions. I miss the 90’s man!

*RARE* Track: Destiny’s Child – Know That

August 6, 2009
The good ol days... *sigh*

The good ol' days... *sigh*

The song was a bonus track off the Destiny’s Child LP, and since that came out over 10 years ago, they only distribute the regular versions of the album now. So it’s rare if you find one with the No, No, No (Funki Dred Remix) at the end of the disc.


Child Rebel Soldier

July 17, 2009

What happened to this super group that never became? It feels like so many fans were ready for this last year. Especially during The Glow In The Dark tour. Oh well! But I’m still keeping my fingers crossed for a CRS CD…or at least a mixtape in the near future, if Kanye drops that auto-tune for the next album. In the mean time…reminiscing with the vid at the bottom. Us Placers…